If you have a good Office you are ahead one step is business life.

So, your workers performance increase both for your guests will occur a comfortable atmosphere. We know this subject ise very important both the world and in Turkey.

So, we are ready to help for a new Office or available Office organize as FTRental Office.

We searched for you all points in the world with our partner REGUS in Qatar and İstanbul’s many points provide Office facilities for you.

Not impossible for us, if you want we can ready a regular offices or meeting spaces for you.

Well,what can we do for you?

  • We can find rent Office space for you
  • We can find video conferancing Office for you
  • We can organize meeting room for you
  • We can organize education room for you

How The System Works?

All this point we are searching how do you want place with the information we recive from you ıt can be a meeting room or a furnished Office Together with our partner REGUS there is a place for you and we can help you with us in this direction.If you want help us we can help you every time. Let Us assure you that we want ,that is all.

We helped a lot of costumer until today and we will help. The continuity of your business is important to us.

Therefore help without interrupting your work makes us happy. We can supply full furnished offices, specially equipped offices, if you want meeting room and more. İf you want near your home or near your work address any kind of work environment will make your life. Easier will be provided as soon as for you.

Your short- term Office needs or when you need to enterprise field communicate with you through can find your Office.

You continue without interruption to production more quickly.
Don’t forget empowering your prestige in the right place. An adres and a phone number is enough for us. We have the latest technology business lounge and meeting rooms. So, we able to provide services throughout in İstanbul and Qatar.

Flexible Office Space
It will be right choice for the enterprise companies on behalf more savings. Your operating can be big or small it’s not important center,branch,sales Office,or for your information services with a small budget fit your work style we offer options

Rent An Office Space
With REGUS you can rent Office space equipped centers in the world in 3000 so you can stay both productive and agile.

Part –Time Offices
Do you need a non-working full-time Office? Does your job continues until noon or afternoon? We are serving our part-time offices. Workload. You may be working in your home but this is not the right method in order to impress your clients if you reach us we can creat a fully flexible work environment.

Do you need help?

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Fill in a few details and we'll contact you asap.